The “Dover Cosmetics Ltd.” journey to provide complete skin care solutions to our consumers around the Africa continent was commenced in early 1990’s and started operating officially by 1993 at “Kinshasa- The Democratic republic of Congo”.

We are proud to mention that the cosmetics experience obtained since 1990 has really contributed us to understand skin better & serve better.

It has completely been our privilege to serve our consumers successfully with our diversified and unique range of personal care products such as creams, lotions, shampoo, talcum powders, oils, gels, soaps etc keeping their needs, quality & price in consideration.

Production facilities: 


The modern structured facilities with 9,000 sq mt coverage & 7,500 sq mt Indoor space enhances the capabilities to produce required volumes as well as various cosmetics products to meet ever changing demand of consumers.


In addition, the latest machinery, modern equipped laboratory, air conditioned production floor to avoid any kind of contamination, highly qualified crew for R&D/Production/planning/Quality/ Logistics/marketing/sales strengthen our services.

Our Vision: 

To serve the people around the globe with wide range of personal care products.

And offering the products which are meeting the consumer expectations of all segments, healthy by quality, fits under consumer price ball park and making our products a part of their lives.

Our Mission:

a. Creating and spreading the awareness of personal care.

b. Determining the needs of the consumers and providing them the products and services which will make them feel beautiful, well-groomed and healthy.

c. Making common cause with the academic community and organizing a lobby of the cosmetics.

d. Creating globally known brands in personal care sector.

e. Keeping the product range wide and up-to-date in line with our customers demands.

f. Giving particular importance to research and development activities and keeping the balance of price and quality in favour of the customers.

g. Adopting the conditions of competitive market and giving fast and optimum responses in order to be permanent in the market without sacrificing quality.

h. Going beyond our own goals and beyond the expectations of the customers by renewing the product range and rising the quality,

i. While growing day by day in the market we make no concessions on our respect for the nature and our sensitivity towards the society.